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Объявление Требуется на работу - Android developer

Тема в разделе 'Работа в США', создана пользователем US Consul, 18 окт 2017.

  1. US Consul Администратор

    Required responsibilities:
    1. Handling Android development team to deliver result with required quality and timelines;
    2. Applying of modern development practices and design patterns to Android applications, and mentoring the team on the same;
    3. Take responsibility of an application's architecture and components design so that other developers can successfully develop required functionality;
    4. Ability to implement DPI-independent design screens out of standard component set;
    5. Coordinate the development efforts with other development teams in a company;
    6. Maintain application through performance improvements, and increasing scalability;
    7. Efficient application debugging to identify and resolve issues;
    8. Handle externally provided RESTful JSON APIs;
    9. Working of various build environments (Dev, QA, UAT, Prod) and working experience on supporting multiple brands with the same code base;
    10. Interact with the clients on a required sessions.
    Required expertise:
    1. 6+ years of Android experiences;
    2. 2+ years of experience in leading development teams (remote handling is preferable);
    3. Ability to work independently and drive remote team;
    4. Proficient in Java Core Concepts with strong object-oriented design skills;
    5. Deep knowledge of Bluetooth stack, Location services and protocols development on Android;
    6. Deep knowledge in Android API differences and Android framework internals along with the basic android application components;
    7. Deep knowledge of Material Design principles and approaches;
    8. Experience of multi-threaded applications development;
    9. Knowledge of client-server application development on Android 5+;
    10. Knowledge of android-to-android applications commutation and data-exchange over existed channels and API;
    11. Passion for writing a readable, maintainable and well-tested code;
    12. Good understanding on deploying application for distribution and play store;
    13. Good communication, analytical presentation skills, problem solving skills and learning attitude.

    Workload: 1 FTE (standard 40 hours per week)
    По всем вопросам обращайтесь на прямую ко мне.
    Объявление действительно до апреля 2018

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